Railway Zone Region & Date Wise SSC Interview Schedule for Statistical Investigator

SSC (2)SSC confirmed the date and time of Interview Schedule for CGL Examination 2013 for the vacant post of Statistical Investigator for common Candidates and other candidates Staff selection commission SI and oc can find the personal Interview date sheet for C.G.L. examination of the year 2013 held S.S.C. published for the C G L exam passed awaiting students to take the Interview which is scheduled for Statistical Investigator and common candidates and other candidates The Delhi maintained Staff Selection Commn. had listed all the region wise and date wise interview schedule for the shortlisted candidates here


Statistical Investigator and Common Candidates
Zone Region From Date To Date Total
CR Allahabad & Lucknow 5th January 2015 24th January 2015 2403
ER Kolkata 5th January 2015 21st January 2015 807
KKR Bangalore 5th January 2015 12th January 2015 228
MPR Raipur 5th January 2015 9th January 2015 208
NER Guwahati 5th January 2015 7th January 2015 58
NR Delhi 5th January 2015 5th February 2015 3712
NWR Chandigarh 5th January 2015 30th January 2015 1605
SR Chennai 5th january 2015 14th January 2015 570
SR Chennai 16th january 2015 15th january 2015
WR Mumbai 5th January 2015 17th January 2015 436
Statistical Investigator and Common Candidates
CR Allahabad & Lucknow 24th January 2015 28th January 2015 330
ER Kolkata 22nd January 2015 23rd January 2015 156
KKR Bangalore 13th January 2015 20
MPR Raipur 12th January 2015 20
NER Guwahati 8th January 2015 6
NR Delhi 6th February 2015 10th February 2015 463
NWR Chandigarh 31st January 2015 22
SR Chennai 23rd January 2015 36
WR Mumbai 19th January 2015 22


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