New Hiked Ticket Fares of Indian Railways From October

RAILWAYS_18_9_2013The Indian Railways is planned to maximize the train tickets fare for the passenger along with freight rates at about 2 5 from succeeding week to balance the financial crisis increasing out of higher input cost.

Railways is anticipated to mop up close to INR 1250 cr from the rise in the previous 6 months of the present fiscal. The suburban & non-suburban price would stay untouched.

Under the fuel adjustment component system this train fare hike is called on.

Railways will further increase 7.3 percent of diesel price and over 15 % in electricity.

Both ac & sleeper class commuter will bear two percent price hike and the freight price will hike at 1.7 %.

Even the season tickets of Railways will go fifteen percentage high on all commodities from 1.10.2013 and FAC-linked revision is impacted from 10.10.2013.

As per the budget proposal, the fuel is parted from tariff as FAC and railways is predicted to amend the passenger and freight tariff after every 6 months.

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