List of Reason for Indore-Rajendra Nagar Patna Train Accident

indore-train-accident-reasonIndore Patna train no.19313 express fast train met with accident after derailment near pukhrayan area of Kanpur.

  • Almost 14 indore patna express train coaches went derailed due to crack in railway track.
  • Due to the Poor track maintenance comprising short of proper fittings and ballast on the railway lines makes fracture on the tracks.
  • Even the extreme weather condition is the main reason for indore-patna train derailment.
  • Just a small crack on track might cannot bring big accidents as only a severe fracture would lead to railway track separation leading to derailment of trains.
  • More Casualties is for the reason to the lack of latest Linke Holfmann Bush (LHB) coaches in the train.
  • Most of the people in indore rajendra nagar patna train are from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh due to the start of the marriage season.
  • The track breaks because of to the coefficient of linear expansion in summer, the same occurs in winter because of contraction.


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