Hyderabad Metro Rail Updates

hmrclThe govt. of Telangana announced officially the proposal of 3 changes in Hyderabad Metro rail alignment. And this project is not going to impact the religious worship places and heritage structure of the city. The project developer Larsen & Toubro L & T will get formal document over this. Following are the places where the change would fall like Assembly building, Badi Chowdi-Sultan Bazar and in Old City

However the Construction concrete Larsen & Toubro states the proposal has not been officially received, However L&T is likely to withdraw from the HMR project due to viability & non-availability reason.

A special task force has been appointed by Telangana Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma to review the Hyderabad Metro Rail project status. As of now nearly 323 properties has been under acquisition by GHMC Commissioner, Collectors of Hyderabad & RR Districts with each individuals.

In the meantime The Telangana State Wakf Board sent notice to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Hyderabad Metro Rail officials to pay compensation to wakf board and not to any 3rd parties.

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