How To Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly For Diwali 2015

How To Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly For Diwali 2015:




The Tatkal ticket bookings are normally done 1 day before the date of journey which was recently changed by the Indian Railways.

The recent update on Tatkal ticket booking is that the change of time in booking tatkal tickets by the passengers.

The AC passengers can book the tatkal tickets the day before travelling date from 10 AM while all other sleeper coach booking passengers can book the tatkal tickets from 11 AM at the official website of IRCTC.

Taking a travel by rail is quiet comfortable and with a first-class ticket in a train is cheaper than economic flight. Here is the trick for tatkal booking of train during diwali 2015

Tatkal charges

Travel Class Min. Tatkal Charges
Maximum Tatkal Charges
Second sitting 10 15
Sleeper 90 175
AC Chair Car 100 200
AC III Tier 250 350
AC second Tier 300 400
Executive 300 400

Beating session expiry

As you login, the most usual & frustrating problem is that the session ends which is only 3 minutes. To solve this problem, even when your reserving page may take longer than 3 minutes to start, you must make sure your IRCTC login is unidle. To make this, access other pages randomly like the websites’ Terms & Conditions or other text-loaded pages in alternate tab or window and have refreshing it unless your booking page loads.

Autofill tatkal booking using Trick

After choosing the train and wishing berth, fastly type in the information to move to the next payment tab. Where one can either have a note of whatever particulars you require beforehand in a textpad and copy paste it into right boxes. A faster method is to own an autofill add-on installed on your Chrome or Firefox. You can complete these forms well in advance of the actual booking and have it store to help you to finish the formalities early.

Proxy servers Tatkal Trick

As several commuters are entering the website at the similar time being being patient is important. If you double click on any button or returning from any page will make log off and hence have to restart the whole process again. A recommended method to rise the website’s speed is to choose a proxy server address located near Delhi utilizing Chrome or Firefox. Alternatively one can enable the browser’s slow connection boost to fast page loading.


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